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Posted on 12-14-2016

Our Ocala Optometrist Discusses Eye Safety & Avoiding Hazardous Toys for Children

Holidays and birthday celebrations are supposed to be times of joy and not occasions that could threaten your child’s eyesight. Unfortunately, toy manufacturers that do not conduct proper research and development will sometimes bring toys to market that pose a threat to young kids’ eyes. 

The statistics on eye injury accidents caused by toys remind us about the potential for harm. Approximately 250,000 children are taken to an emergency room for injuries caused by toys every year and of those, about half are head and face injuries, with the majority of them being injuries to the eye.

Now that the holiday season is upon us, your Ocala optometrist wants to underscore the importance of protecting your kid’s eyes from hazardous toys.

Toys to Stay Away From to Promote Eye Safety for Your Kids

Your eye doctor in Ocala has seen the damage that can occur when children play with dangerous toys. Parents have to remain on guard, researching toys for reviews about potential hazards. Of course, a measure of common sense can really help you avoid a scary eye emergency.

In general, avoid toys that are based on weapons and toys that can launch or otherwise move things, especially if kids are playing with them without supervision.

To protect your child’s eyes from harm, avoid the following types of toys:

Laser pointers-Laser pointers are commonly used in classrooms by lecturers gesturing at items on the board as well as in business presentations. People also purchase them to use as toys, such as distracting a cat by having it follow the dancing beam of light as you aim it around the room. However, these dangerous products can damage your vision if pointed at your eyes.

Fishing pole game-Kids love playing games where they have fun being a grown up, such as dangling a fishing pole in the water to catch dinner. Even though fishing is a wholesome activity, kids can easily injure themselves by getting struck in the eye by an object tied to the toy fishing line.

Swords- Obviously, a sword can cause all kinds of mayhem, even if it is made of plastic or wood. If your child gets into a play sword fight, the potential for eye damage is very high. It’s not worth the risk to play with fake swords, no matter how exciting the play combat is for your children.

Powerful water guns- Water guns may seem innocuous, but they can deliver high-pressure streams of water and many of them come with large reservoirs, meaning they can keep pumping out the punishment as they injure a child’s eyesight.

Guns that shoot real projectiles- Pellet guns, BB guns and other types of toy guns made of plastic, metal, and other components can be exciting toys for boisterous children. It should be obvious that letting kids play with any kind of projectile-firing gun is a recipe for disaster. Buy your kid a different toy instead of a fake weapon that can literally blind you in an instant.

Safeguard Your Child’s Ocular Health By Making an Appointment with our Ocala Optometrist Today

The eye safety experts at Ritz and Johnson Fashion Eyecare Center wish more would be done to prevent unscrupulous and ignorant manufacturers from bringing hazardous toys to market. 

However, we can do our part by keeping tabs on news accounts of new, dangerous playthings and sharing this information with friends, family, and colleagues. In the event that your own child sustains an eye injury while playing, we urge you to bring him or her to our facility as soon as possible for evaluation and treatment. For details on our eye care services or to make an appointment, please contact us today.

Parents, have you ever given your child a toy that turned out to be dangerous? Please sound off in the comments section to make others aware of the problem.

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