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Posted on 12-14-2016

Flexible Spending at Ritz & Johnson Fashion Eyecare Center in Ocala

Do you have a flexible spending account (FSA)? If you do, have you ever used it? Some people fund their FSA at the beginning of the year, and then just forget about it. This is a mistake because the FSA is paid for by money taking out of your paycheck over the course of the year. You decide how much to put in the account, and if you don't use the money by the end of the year, you lose it. Not using your FSA money is like giving it away, or worse, throwing it away. You then have to start over again with a newly funded FSA the next year. It's smart to spend every penny you've put in it, as you pay for it whether you use it or not.

FSA flexible spend accounts using fyour flex spend money with an Ocala Optometrist in Ocala

Our Ocala Optometrist Explains a Flexible Spending Account

A flexible spending account is meant to help you pay for healthcare costs your health insurance won't cover, such as dental expenses, eye, and vision care, over the counter medications, co-pays, and other similar things. Your employer will give you a list of what expenses can be paid for with your FSA funds, and what expenses it will not cover. By knowing what you can use your FSA on and what your typical unpaid health care needs are, you can more accurately plan when it comes to how much money you decide to put in your FSA.

Some employers use a reimbursement method for accessing your FSA, but most employers these days put the funds on a dedicated debit card at the beginning of the year. The debit card can be used as a regular credit card, but will only authorize payments for approved expenses. You must use the funds in your FSA by the end of the year each year or lose them, as they do not roll over.

How to Use Your FSA Funds at Your Eye Doctor in Ocala

You can use your flex spending at Ritz and Johnson Eye Care Center. In fact, it is a terrific way to use your flexible spending in Ocala. Most eye and vision care expenses are approved as FSA-eligible. Some of the things you can use your FSA money on here include:

  • Your annual eye exam

  • LASIK surgery

  • Eyeglasses

  • Contact lenses

  • A contact lens exam

  • Contact lens solution

These are all expenses that are not usually covered by traditional health insurance. If you have funds left in your FSA, there is still time to use them this year. Get your eyes and vision cared for the way they deserve. Let us help you maximize the rest of your FSA funds for this year before they're gone.

Contact our Optometrist in Ocala to Learn More Today!

Contact us to make an appointment to get your exam and new lenses before your flexible spending account is gone for the year. If you don't spend the money, you lose it, so do something good for yourself by coming to see your preferred Ocala optometrist.

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