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Vision Care Over 40 from our Ocala Optometrist

Senior eye exam Ocala optometrist

At Ritz & Johnson Fashion Eyecare Center, our Ocala optometrist team has years of experience treating patients over 40. Seniors and other older people have particular vision problems that are more common in older eyes, from declining eyesight to degenerative diseases. Our Ocala eye doctor team provides comprehensive eye exams to diagnose and treat vision problems for patients over 40.

Senior Eye Exam in Ocala

A visual acuity test can tell how well your eyes work, and find out the prescription needed for your new eyeglasses or contact lenses. But a senior eye exam in Ocala includes much more than simply checking your eyesight. As you age, your eyes begin to change. Most people begin to develop specialized vision problems by the age of 40. Some of the more common ones are macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts:

Macular Degeneration - The center of your retina is called the macula, and if it's damaged, it can affect the central part of your field of vision. This is called macular degeneration. It can impair your ability to see straight lines and colors or make it difficult for you to read, watch television or even recognize faces.

Glaucoma - When the pressure inside your eyeball rises, this can do damage to your peripheral vision. Glaucoma can eventually cause blindness if not treated.

Cataracts -The front of your eye is covered with a crystalline lens. Sometimes part of the protein in the eye breaks down and clumps together, and sticks to the lens. This causes it to yellow or get cloudy, obscuring your vision. As the cataract worsens, you may eventually lose your eyesight if it is not treated.

All of these diseases can be diagnosed long before you feel or notice any symptoms, making it crucial that you have regular eye examinations. The earlier our doctor diagnoses your eye condition, the better chance you will have at curing the problem or extending your eyesight for the longest amount of time. Changes in eyesight are usually so gradual that it is almost impossible to notice them happening. Our doctor can examine your eyes and see changes happening long before you see them yourself.

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If it is past time for a thorough eye examination, contact our office at 352-732-7900 today. We provide senior eye care in Ocala, The Villages, Anthony and Silver Springs, Florida, making ours a convenient office for many seniors in central Florida.

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