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Senior Eye Care from our Ocala Optometrist

Senior eye care Ocala optometrist

Vision deteriorates naturally as you age as optic nerve cells and specialized cells in your retina called photoreceptors no longer function at peak level. Senior vision problems also involve decreases in visual acuity and contrast sensitivity, which make it more difficult to see at night and to discern color shades correctly.  Reduced blood flow within the macula, a pigmented oval near the center of your retina, may lead to macular degeneration, a vision disorder seen primarily in people over 60. 

When poor eyesight remains uncorrected in seniors, they may become anxious about stumbling and falling. Consequently, seniors who have not visited their Ocala eye doctor for a complete eye exam may compensate for debilitating vision difficulties by restricting their activities and further reducing their quality of life.

What Your Eye Doctor Looks for During a Senior Eye Exam in Ocala

In addition to the condition of our eye's muscles and tissues, your Ocala optometrist will also examine your ability to correctly determine color differences, especially between greens and blues. The perception of blue light is often impaired by aging eye lenses, which causes objects to seem more yellowish than they really are.  Other vision problems your eye doctor will look for include ocular hypertension (a precursor to glaucoma), age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.  For seniors with diabetes, a disease called diabetic retinopathy can impair their vision if blood glucose levels are not monitored and regulated.

Seniors with undiagnosed inflammatory eye disorders or advanced diabetes may be at risk for suffering retinal detachment as well. Abnormal changes to fluid filling the back of your eye (vitreous fluid) can promote separation or tearing of the retina from underlying eye tissues. While retinal detachment is painless, seniors at risk for this disorder should watch for early signs of retinal detachment, such as flashes of light, floaters and a graying of their vision field often accompanied by peripheral shadows.

Eye Exams Can Detect Health Issues

During an eye examination, your Ocala eye doctor may discover previously undetected health problems depending on the appearance of capillaries in your eyes. For example, blood vessels leaking yellowish fluid or blood may indicate a diabetic condition exists which can lead to the early stages of diabetic retinopathy. Tears or kinks in capillaries may suggest hypertension. Seniors with asymptomatic eye inflammation could have an autoimmune disorder. Eye structures presenting unusual shapes (especially pigmentation cells) could be a sign of developing ocular melanoma. 

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At Ritz & Johnson Fashion Eyecare Center, our optometrists treat patients living in Ocala, Silver Springs, Anthony and The Villages in Florida. Take preventive care of your vision problems by contacting our office and scheduling your next eye exam at 352-732-7900.

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